Green Parrotlet

Green ParrotletDITEC uses its own environmental labeling and marking system.


Many of currently available so called "Green Marking Systems" have become merely a business for organizations that are providing them and does not reflect our environmental standards and requirements. At DITEC we refuse to use these endorsements when they are not in parity with our environmental values.


Green ParrotletAbout the Green Parrotlet

Parrotlets are, as the name suggest, small parrots. These intelligent birds grow to 10-12 cm. The number of wild parrotles are rapidly decreasing due to changes in their environment. While parrotlets are resistant to many diseases they are very sensitive to chemicals in the environment. Chemicals like Teflon, ammonia, phosphates, etc. is now found in most distance places on our planet. Our coral reefs and many other species are on the verge of extiction. We at DITEC cannot save all of them, but we sure can try to save one and hopefully by doing so we can help others.


For more information about parrotlets please visit parrotlet society.