Opportunities and Certifications

Business Opportunity


DITEC Services are provided through Authorized DITEC Centers (ADC) and performed by Certified DITEC Technicians (CDT).


At DITEC we do not burden our partners with legally complicated and mandatory franchise agreements. After completing the steps bellow you are part of the family. We believe that as an entrepreneur you are going to be able to make the business related decisions that are best for your location. However, we are going to share with you all our experience in order to assure success in all of our centers.


If you are interested in becoming and Authorized DITEC Center please follow the steps bellow:


1. Description of the services

In order to start a DITEC Center we want you to do a research about us and read the information in these pages carefully. Learn our services and our products. If you need any information please contact us. We do our best to provide you with information you require.


We suggest to use the following venues for this task:


  • Read our web site. Much information is provided in these pages and a through study will answer most of your questions about DITEC and our products and services.
  • Download our Brochure
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact us at partners@ditecusa.com. Please do not call us.


Once you have made yourself familiar with our company and services proceed to step 2.

2. Application

Please download our application form. Complete the form and send it back to partners@ditecusa.com. After review of your application we will contact you to proceed with Certification process.


3. Agreements

In order to certify a new center there are requirements to be fulfilled. The NDA and agreements will be provided to you for review. After completion of this step, DITEC will certify the center.