Company profile

DITEC Marine is a division in DITEC International Corporation that is specialist in providing its clients within marine industry with the highest quality of products and services.


DITEC International Corporation contains of the following divisions:

  • DITEC Aero
  • DITEC Automobile
  • DITEC Marine
  • DITEC Building
  • DITEC Software


Our products and services are provided via:

  • DITEC Preservation Services
  • DITEC Distribution


DITEC Research and Development is responsible for creation of new products and technologies. DITEC R&D is also the instance to create tailored chemical and technological solutions for our corporate clients mainly within marine and airplane industry.


Our products represent the highest quality of protection and maintenance. Our services are provided by our certified technicians.


Today, DITEC Preservation Systems in combination with our superior standards is providing our clients with the best maintenance and care via our divisions and subsidiaries.