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Regardless if you are considering something as small as a water-ski, as simple as an inflatable boat, as luxurious as yacht or as big and complex as a cruise ship, one problem stays the same:


"Surfaces are subject to environmental and mechanical deterioration and need to be maintained".


DITEC Concept vs. conventional solutions


Suppose you have a boat or Yacht with painted surfaces. These areas are subject to deterioration. Some factors are environmental such as salt, acid rain, UV rays and some factors are chemical such as acidic deck wash, boat soap, teak cleaner, rust remover, etc. Conventional solutions provide different cleaning and short lasting sealing products. These painted surfaces are regularly cleaned, washed and waxed with these chemic las. However, this maintenance is cost inefficient, time and labor intensive, very temporary and non-protective. After a few years (more for a yacht much fewer in a cruise ship) the surface has to be repaired and repainted.


DITEC Preservation concept


At DITEC we want to achieve the following objectives for our clients and customers:

Cost efficiency


Time and labor efficiency

Higher productivity

Environmentally friendly

We achieve all above goals by thinking differently and approach the same problem from a different angle. In the example above (the paint), instead of trying to create new soaps, cleaning and waxing products we preserve the paint. The concept is to prevent the contaminants to reach the paint by creating a barrier between the paint and outside environment. This layer must however last much longer than wax, repel dust and contaminants, provide shine and gloss, be resistant against acid rain and harsh chemicals and finally being environmental.


Once the painted surface is preserved with DITEC Paint Preservation System, we have achieved the above objectives.

  • The painted surface does not need to be waxed, ever.
  • The preservation coating lasts a long time
  • It provides 20%-40% higher gloss value and therefore better appearance
  • Much less and much milder, more environmental cleaning chemicals are required for general cleaning
  • The surface will not deteriorate and the need for repair and repainting is eliminated or significantly reduced.


Other Surfaces

The above example was considering paint. However, the approach is the same for all surfaces. We provide different products to achieve the same result on stainless steal, silver, chrome, teak, glass, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, tiles, etc.

Click on each of the tabs to expand each section and find out how DITEC Preservation Systems are protecting different surfaces.

  • General Function
DITEC ConceptDITEC Systems are to preserve the target surface by creating a transparent barrier between the surface and outside environment.

The barrier, which is a preservative coating prevents contaminants to reach and penetrate the surface.


This functionality protects the surface from deterioration. Additionally, since the contaminants are not penetrating the surface it is easier to clean a DITEC treated surface.


Since surfaces contain different material the preservation coating needs to engineered to match the surface and provide the desired protection.


Click on each of the tabs to expand each section and find out how DITEC Preservation Systems are protecting different surfaces.

  • Paint Preservation System
Suitable for: Boats Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits Bleach
Purchasing information: DITEC Paint Preservation products are sold and delivered ONLY to Certified DITEC Centers.


DITEC Paint Preservation System is a 5 step treatment to preserve the paint effectively. DITEC Preservation is performed by CDT (Certified DITEC Technician) at a DITEC facility.


DITEC Step 1 Step 1: Cleaning

The surface is thoroughly washed and contaminants are removed from all paint surfaces .During this process all previous wax and treatments is removed from the paint surface.



DITEC Step 2Step 2: Leveling and Scratch Removal


The paintwork then receives special treatments and polished with individual DITEC components in order to remove the scratches and swirls and create a level surface. The paint is prepared paint for preservation.


DITEC Step 2Step 3: Sterilization and Deep Cleaning


All painted surfaces are washed again. This time there is no water involved. The paint is washed with a DITEC liquid detergent. This liquid enters the microscopic pores in the paintwork and thoroughly cleans cleans the paint and removes all soot, smog and dust particles. After step 3 the paint is clinically sterile to ensure that no contaminants is going to be sealed and preserved.



DITEC Step 2Step 4: Activation and Sealing


The clean pores are then filled up with a DITEC Sealing agent. This process seals the pores and prevents contaminants from entering the paint in the future. DITEC's sealing agent and activator is organic and does not contain any Teflon, PTFE or Silicon.




DITEC Step 2Step 5: Application of DITEC Top-Coat


The last step of preservation is application of DITEC top-coat. DITEC Top-Coat is also an organic substance that creates an invisible barrier between the paint and outside environment. The Top-Coat protects the paint surface against contaminants, industrial fallouts, sun, dust, acid rain, bird droppings. Top-Coat has a very dense molecular structure and prevents even the oxygen to reach the paint and therefore protects the paint against oxidation and "sun-burn" and protects the metal against rust and corrosion.


Environmental Information


DITEC products are organic and contain no synthetic substances such as Teflon/PTFE (an unnatural product with serious consequences for human health and is one of the factors responsible for death of animals and plants in our rain forests) DITEC reduces and in many cases eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, saves water, reduces the air resistance on the vehicles and provides better fuel efficiency and therefore better gas mileage. In addition to the above benefits, DITEC:


Contains no Teflon or Silicon

  • Protects the paint against oxidation and sun-burn
  • Protects the metal against corrosion
  • Provides rust protection

DITEC Gloss Value


DITEC increases the gloss value and luster of the paint immediately. The value of DITEC is clearly indicated by the accompanying graph. An untreated paint deteriorates from a gloss value of 80 to 30 during a period of only three years, while the gloss value on a DITEC-treated surface is at least unchanged during the same period.


From a cosmetic point of view, DITEC increases the gloss value on a new paint with 20-40% and adds clearly visible higher luster and shine.


From a financial point of view, DITEC reduces the cost of maintenance with up to 90%. The cost for wax and polishing are completely eliminated. A DITEC preserved surface does not get as dirty and needs to be washed 40-70% less often.


From a practical point of view, DITEC saves time and efforts to maintain the new look with minimum maintenance. Once DITEC has been applied on the paint, you will:


  • Never wax the treated surface again, and wash it 50% less
  • Improve the retail value
  • Save thousands of dollars in maintenance
  • Have a 6-Year System Warranty
  • Experience over 40% higher gloss and luster
  • Have 75% stronger paint resistance


  • Metal Preservation and Protection
Suitable for: Boats Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits Bleach Rust
Product information: Metalon PX, Metalon, KromateX


Protecting metal surfaces involves two different products to achieve different functionalities.


Metalon1. Metalon for Preservation


Metalon is a Metal preservation coating engineered to be used on stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, etc. Metalon creates a nonporous, waterproof, transparent barrier over the treated metal. Metalon treated surface


  • can be easily cleaned with water or very mild detergent.
  • does not rust
  • does not need to be polished



2. Metalon PX for Maintenance and Protection


Metalon PX is a multi surface application and an All-In-One metal cleaner, metal polish and metal protective polish. Metalon PX can be used on all nonferrous metal. Metalon PX cane applied by hand or polishing equipment and works as follows:


Metalona. Cleaning


Metalon PX can be used to clean the metal surface from brown discoloration, corrosion or Tea staining of stainless steel and other metal surfaces in coastal and marine environment. Metalon PX removes stubborn tea stains, oxidations and contamination from uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, chrome, aluminum and other uncoated metals.





b. Polishing


Metalon PX can also be used as polish to remove rust and corrosion in order to recondition the metal surface. A special formulated abrasive blend makes it easy to remove all stains. Metalon PX can be applied directly to the substrate to be cleaned or to be protected, without further preparation.


Older and contaminated surfaces can be reconditioned. Water runs off easily from the treated surface.



Metalonc. Protection


Metalon PX contains specially engineered molecular components, SAM® (Smart Assembling Molecules). After application of Metalon PX, as cleaner or polish, SAM® starts creating a protective coating above the metal surface.


SAM® is actively hydrophobic and provides a long lasting, ultra thin protection and a durable easy to clean surface. Stainless steel and other metals will stay shiny and protected even at harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels.


SAM's protective effect last up to 2 years in normal conditions, and shows increasing life span with periodical application. The Metalon PX polish surface can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Metalon PX can be applied directly to the substrate to be cleaned or to be protected, without further preparation.


3. KromateX for Chrome and Interior Care


Chrome and metal surfaces inside the yachts and cruise ships may require a constant cleaning in order to maintain a glossy and clean appearance. KromateX is made for these areas. It is a protective and cleaning application with high gloss and luster while provides protection against environmental corrosion and moderate usage of harsh chemicals such as disinfectants and bleach.

  • Glass Protection


Suitable for: Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits Bleach
Product information: Glasstec S, Related products: G200, GlaXon


Glasstec S™ is a glass treatment application that creates a hydrophobic and protective surface on the glass. Unlike other products on the market Glasstec creates protection by providing a molecular binding with the glass. The hydrophobic property of  Glasstec in combination with its protective function, prevents penetration of salt deposits and other contaminants. The glass surface will stay protected over longer period of time eliminating additional polishing in order to remove water spots, salt and calcium deposits.


A Glasstec treated surface is easier to clean. Glasstec has a greater longevity (8 months-3 years) regardless of weather conditions. This long lasting property eliminates the need for more frequent glass maintenance.


Smart Engineered MoleculesGlasstec S contains specially engineered molecular components, SAM® (Smart Assembling Molecules).


SAM attaches on a molecular level to the glass surface by using self-ordering principles as well as well-developed chemistry.


As soon as Glasstec has been applied to the glass the SAM particles start acting as parts of a jigsaw Smart Engineered Moleculespuzzle that join together in a perfect order without an obvious driving force.


The pictures to the right illustrate the SAM components before and after assembling. Wedge-shaped SAM particles start out in disarray and after self-assembling process end up as rings.





  • Teak and Wood Protection
Suitable for: Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits BleachOil and spill
Product information: Galathea


Smart Engineered MoleculesTeak and untreated wood is responsible for a lot of maintenance. Wooden surface is very porous. This property provides an easy access for contaminants, water, oils and spill to penetrate the wood and create discoloration, oxidation and spots.


Galathea is teak and wood preservative. Galathea creates a transparent protective layer above the wood surface. This protective layer is waterproof and air proof.


Galathea protected surface is hydrophobic and resist oil and other spills. Since the surface is protected from penetration, the contaminants don't bind to the surface and can be removed with simple cleaning with water or by using Elite Deckclean, Elite Boatsoap or DegreaX.


Smart Engineered Molecules

Since the surface is protected there is no need to use acidic chemicals for cleaning and stain removal. Galathea eliminates usage of teak oil and other harsh chemicals.


Galathea prevents the teak from oxidation and can be reapplied without any previous anding and preparation.

  • Plastic, Rubber and Fiberglass Preservation and Protection
Suitable for: Boats Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits BleachOil and spill
Product information: ProteX, Neptune


Smart Engineered MoleculesProteX is designed to preserve hard plastic and fiberglass surfaces. This coating can also be used on laminate, tiles and ceramic.


Neptune is designed to be more flexible for protection of rubber, softer plastic and silicon material such as inflatable boats, life vests and life rings.


ProteX and Neptune create a transparent protective layer above the surface. This protective layer is waterproof and air proof.


These coatings contain UV inhibitors and prevent discoloration.



  • Leather and Fabric Protection
Suitable for: Boats Yachts Cruise Ships Other Vessels
Protective properties: UV Protection Water repellencyAcid Rain Salt and calcium deposits BleachOil and spill
Product information: Leathertec, Fabritec, Leatherex and FabriX


Leather and textile are difficult surfaces to protect. This is due to the fact that these surfaces are soft and flexible. Leather and fabric are also subject to extreme expansions and contractions.


While Leathertec and Fabritec create a protective layer above the surface in the same manner as ProteX and Neptune, SAM is creating the protective properties for Fabrix and Leatherex (See Metalon PX).



These benefits of DITEC products and Services are variable depending on our clients and customers. For example, while profitability is a major factor for any industry such as cruise and shipping industry, it does not play any roll for a recreational private yacht or boat owner. Therefore we are have provided all this section for our corporate visitors.


Cleaning and maintaining various surfaces on board cruise ships, transportation and military vessels is a crucial component of the marine operation. Clean and well maintained surfaces will not only prolong the life of the materials, but also has a direct and undisputed effect on the profitability and efficiency. However, some surfaces are harder to maintain due to factors such as harsh environment, excessive use, location, etc. These surfaces require more maintenance, which consumes not only more chemicals, inventory space and administrative efforts, but also requires many working hours.


The benefits of DITEC Preservation Approach can be summarized as follows:


  • Environmental
  • Reduction of material cost
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Better utilization of inventory space and cost
  • Better chemical performance
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction of working hours
  • Better appearance
  • Reduction of repair and replacement cost
  • Reduction of chemical inventory
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Increased profitability


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