Degreaser and All-Purpose Cleaner

DegreaX is a cutting edge nano-technology based, environmentally friendly degreaser and cleaner.


DegreaX replaces hazardous chemicals, mineral spirits and most hydrocarbon solvents in critical industrial cleaning and maintenance applications. In addition, in lower concentrations, it is a versatile general purpose cleaner for homes and offices.


DegreaX is a water-soluble concentrated colloidal agent that is used for heavy duty degreasing or cleaning of any washable surface. Due to its superior colloidal holding power, DegreaX continues working long after most other cleaners are exhausted. It holds dirt and grease in a colloidal suspension in the solution which prevents re-deposition. Gallon for gallon, DegreaX will provide greater coverage than other cleaners. DegreaX generates very low levels of foam and rinses easily without of any residue.


DegreaX is biodegradable, sewer disposable and non-flammable. DegreaX eliminates the need for explosion/fire proof work conditions. It is also safe to use in food preparation areas in homes and commercial establishments.