Protective Coating for Electronic Boards

ELECTEC is an unprecedented conformal coating developed to protect electronic devices and printed circuit assemblies from damage when exposed to moisture, water, beverages, non-corrosive liquids and even mild solvents.


More than a moisture repellent, ELECTEC is the only coating that will continue to protect the electronic device in case the device accidentally becomes fully immersed in water or other non-corrosive liquid. The device will remain protected while staying immersed extended periods. ELECTEC bonds tenaciously with the PC board and its components. Due to its thin film, it does not trap heat and lends itself to easy access during repairs without the need to remove the coating.


ELECTEC is manufactured in the USA and sold in aerosol cans, pint, quart, gallon, five gallon and fifty gallon packing. Aside from the aerosol, ELECTEC is supplied as a concentrate and should be diluted with even parts of de-ionized or distilled water. It can be applied via dipping, spraying or brushing. ELECTEC is non-toxic, non hazardous and environmentally safe.