Universal Cleaner, Glass Cleaner

Glaxon is a 100% bio-based glass and surface cleaner, specially formulated to deliver the best clarity and shine against tough dirt and grime. Glaxon is developed using cutting-edge technology and cleans rapidly and easily, providing a streak-free shine with high gloss retention on most hard surfaces. It is also completely safe for use in restaurant and food designated areas.


Removing water spots and haze quickly and easily from everyday surfaces, especially high gloss surfaces are a cleaning challenge. Consumers are constantly frustrated with the streaks and residue left behind by ordinary glass cleaners. In addition most glass and general cleaners contain isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, chemical cleaning agents and fragrances. Some of these caustic chemicals release harmful vapors polluting the atmosphere and over time endanger the health of the user. Glaxon contains no ammonia, alcohol or any other harsh or volatile solvents. Glaxon is water based and environmentally friendly.


Application area: Glaxon is safe to use on all glass, crystal ware, jewelry, plastic, chrome, metal, floor tiles and other hard surfaces that require general cleaning.