Leathertec™ and Fabritec™

Leather and Fabric Protective Coating

Leathertec and Fabritec are unique, water-based coating developed to be used on leather, fiber and textile. It provides unprecedented protection by changing the surface chemistry of the coated material rendering it hydrophobic. Leathertec and Fabritec remain stable when exposed to ultraviolet rays and resists the growth of mold, mildew and algae.


Most available protective coatings rarely live up to their promises. Fabritec and Leathertec are totally water based ultra-thin coating formulated with revolutionary technology. Fabritec develops a hydrophobic film around the coated surface. Spills can be easily sprayed clean or wiped off with a damp cloth with no fear of staining. Without the power of Leathertec and Fabritec capillary action will quickly spread the stain to a larger area. Protected articles will require less frequent cleaning and last longer.

Will also protect everyday objects such as throw pillows, table cloths, throw rugs and more. Built in UV inhibitors and fungicides provide added protection against ultraviolet rays, mold, mildew and algae formation.