Product Overview

DITEC ProductsWe provide a wide range of products for marine environment. These products can be generally divided into the following categories:


  1. Preservation Coatings
  2. Protective products
  3. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products
  4. Polishing compounds


Many products have multi-surface and multifunction properties. This is unique edge for

our products. One product can replace many other chemicals in your inventory. This means

  • lower product cost
  • Ease of use.

For corporation and large volume users such as large yachts, ships and vessels additional advantages are achieved:

  • lower transportation cost
  • lower inventory cost
  • lower educational and application cost
  • Ease of implementation and integration.

For example DegreaX is an environmental degreaser, all-purpose cleaner. And we really mean All-Purpose. DegreaX can be used for oil and fuel cleaning, floor mopping, bath rooms, carpets, windows, deck cleaning. It can be used in food designated areas such as galleys. It can be used to clean kitchen equipments, tiles and stainless steal, etc.