Glass Protection

Glass surfaces and windows are among those areas requiring an enormous amount of maintenance and cleaning. Rain, contaminants, salt and other environmental components with acidic or basic properties penetrate the surface and create what is commonly known as water spots. However in time the glass surface is so damaged due to deterioration, that cleaning will not help and in some cases the glass has to be replaced.


DITEC Glass Preservation System is a 3 step process to clean, recondition and preserve the glass and windows. Once DITEC Glass protection is applied, it will:


  • Remarkably improve the visibility.
  • Cause rain to bead up and roll off by creating a hydrophobic surface.
  • Make it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt.
  • Eliminate usage of polish.
  • Reduce the application time and increase productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Prevent salt and calcium deposits from binding to the surface
  • Protect against acidic and basis contaminants
  • Lasts up to 1 year in normal conditions.