DITEC Paint Preservation

Why do you need to protect the paint?

DITEC is the ONLY Paint Preservation System available on the market. DITEC not only seals the microscopic pores but also preserves the protected surface by adding a durable barrier between the paint and harmful components. Therefore, DITEC is an effective protection against sunlight and also eliminates oxidations and rust.


Unlike sealants and some waxes, DITEC products do not contain any synthetic components such as Silicone and Teflon. DITEC products are fully organic. Due to their organic molecular structure, DITEC provides a greater depth in shine and offers over 40% better gloss value.


DITEC Paint Preservation is resistant against petroleum, gasoline, turpentine and other cleaning agents. Unlike waxes you may also use mild liquid or even dish washing detergents to wash DITEC treated paint.


DITEC is a 5 step treatment to preserve the paint effectively. DITEC Paint Preservation System is performed by professional DITEC technicians to ensure effective, durable and extra ordinary paint preservation .


DITEC increases the gloss value and luster of the paint immediately. The value of DITEC is clearly indicated by the accompanying graph. An untreated paint deteriorates from a gloss value of 80 to 30 during a period of only three years, while the gloss value on a DITEC-treated surface is at least unchanged during the same period*.

Once DITEC process has been applied, you will:

Never wax the DITEC treated surface again, and wash
it 50% less
Improve the retail value
Save thousands of dollars in maintenance
Receive a 6-Year System Warranty
Experience over 40% higher gloss and luster
Have 75% stronger paint resistance