Teak Reconditioning and Protection

Outdoor furniture and wood deteriorate fast as a result of oxidation and UV rays and other industrial and environmental contaminants. The process of oxidation and deterioration not only shortens the life of the wood but also discolors the wood and has a negative impact on the wood appearance.


This is additionally emphasized on yachts and cruise ships. On the deck of the yachts and cruise ships teak is used frequently and requires constant maintenance.


DITEC DITEC Preservation System is a 4 step process. Once DITEC protection is applied, it will:

  • Remarkably improve the appearance of the surface.
  • Cause rain to bead up and roll off by creating a hydrophobic surface.
  • Make it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt.
  • Eliminate sanding and usage of teak oil, acidic wash etc.
  • Reduce the application time and increase productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Prevent salt and calcium deposits from penetrating to the surface.
  • Protect against acidic and basis contaminants.